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Thermaltake TH360 ARGB installation woes

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I have recently purchased this model water cooler brand new from a store.
What a headache it was to install as the hoses were so rigid I could not have the pump the right side up on my AMD CPU.
After three days of an Australian heatwave the hoses finally gave in to further bending. lol
I still cannot mount it where I would prefer, front mount with hoses down, as the hose length won't go around the 2080 GPU.
To front mount with hoses up top is incorrect and will cause bubble gurgling and shorter lifespan of the pump.

Besides the initial teething problems, what were they thinking with such long wiring?
I wanted to "daisy chain" from fan to fan as most PC users would but each set of wires are a meter long when only 120cm is required.
It looks like spaghetti no matter how much care is taken with cable management.

Moving on, I come to the main issue.
After connecting the fan lights I am left with 4x one meter long lengths of wires with three pins each.

No splitter to join them together and no place for any 3 pin (male) plug on my Aorus X570 mobo.
It's all 4 pin (male) headers requiring a 4 pin female plug.
These leads are for power to fans and pump, the whole purpose of water cooling.

This has turned out to be a very expensive set of RGB lights and nothing more. 😕

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Hello, I am trying to install Floe DX 240. I also have a problem. Of the 2 cables, one plugs into the controller. The other terminates into a 3 pin plug. There is a header marked "pump" and it has 4 pins. I turned on my new computer and almost immediately i got the warning of the processor overheating. So now it seems that the cable with the 3 pin plug is what provides the power to run the pump. I cannot find any headers on this motherboard that will accept a 3 pin plug. Is there an adapter or something i could get that would allow the pump to get power to run?

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