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Help with fans and rgb lighting

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I have the thermaltake view 91 case. Now bare with me here because this gets a little complex. The case will have a total of 14 riing quad rgb fans some are 120mm some are 140mm 4 rgb strips tt lumi plus and 8 regular non rgb fans tt toughfan. Of those 14 rgb fans 3 are attached to the cpu aio rad at top of the case and 2 attached to the 3090 aio rad on side of the case. Now the cpu aio will go into its own headers and should be fine. However the gpu aio fans, the gpu itself and the rest of the rgbs fans all need an rgb header and the rgb fans and standard fans all need a fan header. I have the tt premium controller and all rgb fans are riiing quad rgb. Now how do i connect all of this up? I have 2 rgb headers on the board and a bunch of fan headers. Can i link 2 controllers together? Or do i need a header per controller? Really stumped and confused at this one.  Normally wouldn't have an issue would just link controller pray for the best. However looking online some say riing quad doesnt work woth its differant sized fans #### me cus i have some 120 some 140mm fans. Theres also claims that only 1 controller can be used per system aswell as some saying the controller messes with cpu aio's. And a friend of mine who builds pcs for a living claims its completely impossible to do with thermaltake. Any help would be much appreciated because i am beyond stumped. I know its possible with other fans  as i built a system before using same case. Only diff is way more rgb fans and using all thermaltake products as there rgb is by far best available imo. 

All fans, light strips and even the cpu aio cooler is thermaltake as i thought would make things easier. 

Thsnks in advance sorry if ive confused you pretty #### confused myself. 

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