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While I am thoroughly impressed with the riing quad fans I bought with my new build, I would have NEVER bought them had I known how terrible the software is. I is dated, detects one fan instead of all three, and the connectivity doesn't even work. I am strongly considering returning them. especially since they cost $150!!! How can you build the ferrari of rgb fans and slap a lawnmower engine on it. It's lazy. I also bought the View 51 case from thermaltake and the fans that come with it don't connect to the computer at all. They can't be controlled in any way. You can connect them to your mobo rgb header but that does nothing.  So I have 3 useless case fans and a set of $150 paperweight ferraris.

Thermaltake, before you send me the prescripted response of "We're sorry for your experience. Please contact TT customer service at _______" I don't care and I don't want to hear it. Plain and simple until you fix your #### awful software or release your API to use them with icue then I don't want to hear it. You should be embarrassed with the product you've shipped. Best fans in the entire world and they're unusable.

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