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Very Amateurish Macro / ini Functionality


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I got the MEGA Gunit which came with only a handful of illuminated keys vs. full illumination as shown in advertising. I do not use it for gaming. I bought it for the programmability. I had some T Keys and some S Key assignments set up pretty good on Profile II, until the left Shift Key began acting up and I had to reset the entire keyboard.


Contrary to the sophomoric hype you cannot edit the behaviour of ANY keys on the regular keys. So the reset was the only way to get rid of the stupid Profile-switch light coming on every time I hit the Left Shift key. 


So I redo the S & T assignments to the Tkeys on the left. They're all listed in the Macro drop down list. All the correct keys are lit up in the GUI. I was sure to hit "Apply" before "Okay" out. Numerous times. Unfortunately there is one small problem. The hardware is no longer recognizing Macro assignments. In other words. This keyboared doesn't #@$%&% work.


The instructions are useless. Even went to the support/driver section of the site. Three total drivers listed. The only of them that says anything pertaining to operating system is #3 for Win8. The first two could be keyloggers for all you can tell from the driver descriptions. The people at this company must be very lazy or got their degrees from the Suzy Homemaker School of Coding.


I should have known better when I saw the stupid carrying bag, which I guess is for when you are on your way home from showing it off at your buddy's and you're popping zit juice all over the sidewalk.


Sure Thermaltake! I am only too glad to help out a charity case.



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Hi, sorry to hear that your experience with our MEKA G-Unit was not satisfactory. This is not the user experience we aim to provide, and it also does not sound like the MEKA G-Unit was functioning properly. I'll feedback the issues you've mentioned here to our team.


Would also like to ask if you attempted to contact our customer support for these issues? 

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I was trusting somebody could offer direction on the accompanying VBA issue. I have code which makes and spares a book document with explicit content while pulling from different cells in an exceed expectations sheet, it works fine. Where I'm having issues is, different individuals should have the option to utilize it, and I'm tired tweaking the document way code for each individual, I've attempted different variable strategies and none are working, I'm an exceptionally awkward novice with code however am learning. Might someone be able to check underneath and offer direction with the Environ string and Shells?  Click Here

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