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350P DistroCase Build Questions


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Hi Folks-

I'm looking to build my first water-cooled system, and purchased a Distrocase 350p (like why not just get started there, right?). However, I'm having some difficulty finding good guides / build examples of this case since it's fairly new.

In looking at radiators, the CLD360 seems like the best choice - but will it fit?  25 FPI and only 40MM thick - however the manual that comes with the case recommends the CL360 (64MM thick), 14 FPI. Will the CLD360 work in the 350p distrocase?

Fan configuration - from everything I've read, 120mm fans are the way to go and the quad riings look pretty sweet. I've seen builds with 6 fans (3 on each side of the radiator) - is this recommended or overkill? Also, the Riing 3 packs come with a controller - do these get daisy chained somehow (e.g. multiple controllers in the build?) - the case already came with a controller, so it seems like a throw-away piece.

The CPU block. What CPU blocks have people had success with? Obviously it needs to be high quality (would hate to have a leak there!). Sticking with TT is one option, but if there are cool ones that fit the bill, then I'm happy to look outside too.

One last comment - TT really needs to improve their product detail pages. Adding another tab with a list of recommended hardware would probably boost your sales 1000% since it would be one-stop shopping and you'd be able to recommend your best products to help people (like me) get started with a build. I'm mean, come on guys! Why make it so hard?


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