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Hello TT community,
first i want to apologize for my bad english and sorry if this is the wrong place on this forum (I'm new here).0
I've build some PCs already, but now I've build one for a friend, and i was confident that I'd be easy but his CPU is idleing at around 82° C and the screen is freezing after around 10 seconds on the desktop. (Only thing that can be done is to hold the power button).

[spoiler=Hardware Specs]

  • AMD Fx 9730 (4.4 Ghz)
  • AsRock 990FX Extreme 3
  • Level 10 GT (Used the prebuild watercooling with the GPU obviously)
  • HyperX Beast 2x8 gb RAM 1866 MHz
  • R9 280X
  • 120 GB SSD
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 650 W PSU (Corsair CS650)




I've used this grey paste (Moderate use, not to much), water is in the loop, it's flowing, the radiator fans are spinning.


What could I do? Or what part should I try to fix/replace.


Thank you in advance.

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This sounds very much like a problem with the contact between the block and the cpu. The correct amount of thermal paste is the size of 1 or 2 grains of rice in the middle of the CPU. Thermal compound is designed to fill in the microscopic imperfections in the surfaces of the block and the CPU, if you put too much on it acts as a barrier. I use a 2 part Arctic cleaner to remove the old compound (using a paper coffee filter), although I believe that you can use Isopropyle Alcohol.


I don't know how the block is installed on this cooler, but you may want to check that it's tight.

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