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TT volos mouse - profile switch button

Nika Kapanadze

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Hi , i bought TT volos mouse , everything is perfect , except one thing , I couldn't find key assignment of profile switch in application.  every other button can be assigned to do specific click or command except that one , I really need to assign that button on click , since i don't want to push that button  accidentally and switch my profile to different one. please help me out. thanks for your response. 

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Check the Mouse Software: Ensure that you have installed any software or drivers that came with the TT Volos mouse. Most gaming mice come with dedicated software that allows users to customize button assignments, sensitivity settings, and other configurations.

Explore the Software Interface: Once you have the mouse software installed, open it and look for a section related to button assignments or profiles. There, you should see a graphical representation of your mouse and its buttons.

Look for the Profile Switch Button: Locate the profile switch button on the graphical representation and see if it appears as a configurable button. Sometimes, the profile switch button may have a specific label or icon associated with it.

Assign a Command: If you find the profile switch button among the configurable buttons, try to assign a command or function to it that suits your preferences. You can choose an action that has no negative impact when accidentally triggered.

Save the Configuration: After you've assigned the desired function, make sure to save the configuration. Some mouse software requires you to apply changes or save profiles explicitly.

Check the Mouse Hardware: Additionally, some mice have physical switches or buttons on the underside of the device that allow you to toggle between profiles. Check if your TT Volos mouse has such a switch, and if so, you may want to set it to a less accessible position to avoid accidental presses.

Contact Technical Support: If you've tried the above steps and still can't find a way to assign a function to the profile switch button, consider reaching out to TT Volos customer support for assistance. They should be able to guide you through the process specific to your mouse model.

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