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Where can I download the complete Thermaltake Core P3 Model?


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hello, I bought the Core P3 some time ago and now I want to install custom liquid cooling, but first I would like to assemble the parts in 3D to appreciate how my construction would be, the problem is that I can not find the 3D model of the Core P3 and although in grabcad I found a model that claims to be the Core P3, the truth is very different from the one I have because the measures do not match, anyone knows or knows how to get the complete model of the Thermaltake Core P3? 

I would be very grateful if you can help me.



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Following - unable to find the  model anywhere, im looking for the p3 also, Im wanting to design a cover for the cable side of the psu, an alternative vertical gpu mount with a shallower profile and a discreet fan/ducting system in the area behind the graphics card to push cool air across the motherboard/vrm area however would like to utilize original mounting holes etc so the  base model to work from would definitely be a good step if the  point is they would like the maker community to share and help build on ideas/mods. Even a technical drawing thats dimensionally accurate to work from would be a start, hopefully someone reads this and points us in the right direction.

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