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[Malaysia] Ahmad Safuan

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Hello , I am AHMAD SAFUAN 28 years oldie, from malaysia well known as wanv
Thanks to thermaltake for invitation,i was really active in 2016-2018 something like that 
so this year i was quite grateful, to join this to rise my passion about modding again, and i hope can make  a new  masterpiece with my skill
so my mod basically i just improving the look of current modded case to look more better or i am going to ruin it  to look like my face.
So for now i announce my project name Is:
so here is the one of early design and alot of fix that i do when in shower thoughts.
Version 1


Version 2


Version 3/Finale








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Testing and measure some part for design and cutting.and i need to make sure its right since most of my material i need to source it from china ,because im living at rural place and its take 1-2 month to get the material and i can go wrong with it.


Cutting Process start for side distro and main panel ,its quite hard for me since it hitting all my machine size limit because the core p8 case is quite big



Machining time that take over 1-2 hours overall to finish plus need to do 2 side.







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one of side panel done cutting now need to cut side blade that will have 3 part which is blue acrylic>alu 3mm>blue acrylic.






Cutting Side blade is quite hard since im using cnc router and its quite fragile and easy to flyout because of thin material,before cutting all countour im using 50mm face mill to get shiny effect after face milling, so overall i rather use thick material 😏since its easy to cut and set 



after done cutting i do fit test to see it will fit or not since its just a cheap cnc machine sometime its hard to get a good round hole that need to fit the chrome rod.





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