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[Malaysia] Ahmad Safuan

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today start doing middle connector that need to connect middle left and right frame to support original case panel inside 


chamfer side to remove sharp part


Since my cnc machine height is pretty low need to manual drill and make sure its pretty accurate if not it will bend the frame and probably wont fit,quite hard to get it got some scrap too.IMG_20210918_141754.thumb.jpg.837e21cecb9d62db90dad43407a78b9f.jpg


done look nice and cleanIMG_20210904_172102.thumb.jpg.e823652e30251bb9452b6345e8c85f58.jpg



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Right side of the case that i test fit before connect between original case panel and left middle panel.




bottom side i need to tap all M3 thread to connect middle cover panel that thickness around 5mm only. so i have 1mm each side for clearance,pretty hard.


on of  3D printed part that i use in this build because lack of material and its hard to get new material ASAP this season :(





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Thanks for all support and  comment that all of you give me,overall my thought about this case mod is quite tiring and painful to be done,that true i use alot of part with cnc machine to have the shape but overall there alot of hand work and sanding to be done for finishing to get this effect for using such a cheap cnc machine that have finishing problem. alot of part need to be hand fix such a problem with roundness and material flex,overall its a satisfying result for me that i design with Fusion 360 took almost 3 weeks and the end product  look exactly with what i imagine in design.


Final photo for PROJECT 0.6









sorry for video wobble we already use gimbal but forgot to calibrate, first time doing video sorry about that and enjoy


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