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Tt eSPORTS SHOCK one 5.1 issue


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I own one from this headphone, and the following issue appeard.

1. If using TS3, or the communication function of Steam or X-fire during any games after a loading screen, all the sounds mute.


So now i need to turn off the microphone, and need to mute the sound on the controller of the headphone until the game is loaded.

Then  i have sound in com. prg. also aswell in game.

Othwise only the comm. prg. is ok, all other sounds are somewhere in the galaxy, but not in the headphone.


Got an Asus Maximus Gene III Motherboard, and Windows 7 (64-bit), 8g ram....



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No, i got only a "smart"TV, Sony Bravia.

The soundcard on the mainboard is disabled from bios.

In Windows 7 sounds, i have only Nvidia High-def, and Ttesport shock one.....
But, when im using PC to play, the default device, and the default comm device is set to Ttesport.

Changing the default device to Nvidia, only to watch movies, or films. 

The comm. device is never changed, is allways at on Ttesport shock one.....


Thanks 4 the quick answer.....



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