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"Abnormal Activity" after putting in my serial number from brand new PSU. Now what?

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I just bought a 1250w ThermalTake IRGB PSU. I thought it was the best, at over 500 it should be! At the very least there should be some customer service! ALL my messages through where I bought it go ignored, so I am here. Maybe. someone could be so kind as to tell me what in tarnation is wrong with this PSU? Everything was going along swimmingly until I had to put in my serial number, then it all died! I get the "abnormal activity" message! I am now stuck and don't know what to do.

I also tried to setup my ThermalTake RIING fans and I get a "cannot detract controller" message! What is up with ThermalTake? I'm hoping its a simple software glitch in both cases and the ignoring of my messages is the big global carriers fault and not thermaltakes'.

If maybe I could be told what I should do I'd be greatly appreciative.

Thank you All.

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