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Upgrading older Core V71 case with newer version's power supply cover and tempered glass door


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Hi, I see that the Core V71 got a power supply shroud with (two 2.5" mounts) at some point. I have an earlier version of the Core V71 without the shroud.

question 1) Can I mount the power supply shroud to the earlier model?

question 2) If question 1 is a yes, how would I go about buying one from Thermaltake?

Next, I also see there is a new tempered glass door. 

question 3) Is the newer version's glass door compatible with the older version?

question 4) If question 3 is a yes, how would I go about buying one from Thermaltake?

(Note: originally posted in Accessories, I realized it should be posted here instead but I cannot delete the other thread.)

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7 hours ago, Tt Thompson said:

Unfortunately, the answers to your question 1 and 3 are both NO. The PSU shroud and glass side panel are not competitbile with the older model.  

For the PSU shroud, what is the incompatibility? Something a drill can deal with? (ie: needs some holes?)

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