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[USA] Calen Saddler

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The Final Video:


>> I'm so excited to be part of this competition as well as representing the U.S.A.<<

Updates on this project will be coming soon so get ready to be amazed with what I have planned!


All work will be done by me an in-house. I don't outsource any part of my work. I'm very excited to get started!


A massive thanks to Thermaltake for include me in this Invitational!  🙌 

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I'm fortunate to be friends with many in this and previous competitor's for the Thermaltake Invitational. The above pic is just for fun and shows our camaraderie! Also I'm not actually a crab person. (Or am I?)

I've got something really special now planned for the Thermaltake Invitational Ram Competition! Make sure to check in often as I guarantee it's nothing you ever seen in any mod from the 90s till now!

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😃 That Beautiful Thermaltake TOUGHRAM XG DDR4 RGB:

Here's some shots to show off the new TOUGHRAM XG. I will have a lot more pictures and video coming up soon. So far I'm really impressed with the look and feel of their DDR4 Ram. The styling should be right at home in everything from a simple PC to one that's anything but. 

What do you like about the new TOUGHRAM XG?







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I've been working on the holographic system. This mod takes place about 12 yrs in the future. It involves a story that I've been fortunate to hear. After discovering a pathway through time we have all worked together for the survival of the human race. Stay tuned for the progression of what could be the end of our existence.

I've already mocked up good portion of the mod to show the start of this Thermaltake RamMod. It'll serve as an account of the exciting story of how the RamMod has altered history!

(I mocked all the designs in SketchUp but ill be cutting and building this entire mod BY HAND AND ALL OF IT WILL BE DONE BY ME. I very much enjoy doing it this way. It doesn't mean its right or wrong. Its just the way I've chose to do it!





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Grandma is Sick & No One Would Help:

Unfortunately my 92 yr olds Grandma got very sick and she lives about 7hrs away. Im doing this mod competition which has to be done right after I get back. I tried very hard to find someone else that could take care of her after getting out. Everyone either couldn't or wasn't willing to help.


What That Means For the RamMod:

I'll never turn down a person in need. I grabbed my mod, basic hand tools and anything else I could think which isn't much (Hopefully.)

I got here yesterday and started work on the RamMod Project again. It'll be many 20+ hr days as it takes so much longer here to make something. I have faith that someone is looking down and giving me the strength to take care of Grandma and make an epic mod!


It's Gonna Get Crazy!

As a modder my job is to make the impossible happen as well as problem solve everything.


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Progress Has Been Made:

I'm very excited to make a great deal of progress on my mod. The pics below show only a little bit of my progress. I want the next set to be something where you can see the vision I have for it. Right now it looks pretty odd and basic but the next set should give you some insight! 

Also I'm doing this mod over 7hrs from my shop using the most basic of hand tools. My 92yr old grandma is very sick so I came to take care of her. I've never experience a mod like this in an area that's nothing like my shop. It'll be a good process to watch. 



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The Next Step:

Even though my time is limited due to taking care of my other grandma; today ill make massive strides. I'll be mocking up all the holographic surround pieces as well as taking high resolution pics of the Thermaltake RamMod for the holographic setup.



Making proper holograms is very difficult as I've found out. Fortunately I picked up on it really quickly. Also the final video has multiple people doing different characters voices as well as a fluid theme that I cam say the vast majority will like.


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We're Getting Close!

The mod is almost finished. Filming has been happening for the final video! Below I've attached a shot. These were taken the other day as I want to save all the goodness for final pics and video (very soon)


Hopefully this pic can get your imagination going for what it could be! Thanks for your support and stay tuned!


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Hi Guys,

As of my last knowledge update in January 2023, I don't have specific information about Calen Saddler from the USA. If Calen Saddler is a public figure or has gained prominence after that date, I recommend checking the latest news or online sources for the most recent information. If you have any specific details or context about Calen Saddler, feel free to provide them, and I'll do my best to assist.

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