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Thermaltake Shock Headset Loosening problem


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Hello i've got Thermaltake Shock Headset,
My problem is i think, left movable mount (place where L symbol on it) moving to the left all the way up, when right movable mount can limit on the middle and keep sturdy. Left movable object might be loosen up.

How can unscrew and disassamble this and tighten again?

Please look at the picture.


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Hey ServetCarey,  we do not recommend taking apart the SHOCK headset, as that would void warranty. 


It sounds like you are saying the right side of the headband adjustment works as normal, but the left side is now too loose & will not hold in position?

Please register for an account and submit a ticket for support @ http://my.ttesports.com/ , a customer service representative will help you.

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