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Thermaltake Versa H21


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So this is probably a very dumb question (hi btw). I need a new chassi and have been looking at the Versa H21. I'm not a gamer but use it mostly for surfing, keeping open many, many Chrome tabs, watching movies etc. However, the most important issue for me are the number of docking bays. I've been looking around and according to the specs I can get 4 3.5 hdd altogether? True?

Second question, given no gaming or overclocking and a GT Force 1030 with passive cooling, eg pretty basic, is the one installed fan enough? 

Would really appreciate some answers. 

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Hi, mjlee

Versa H21 has three 5.25" bays, three 2.5" bays, and three 3.5" bays. If you want to install four 3.5" hard drives, you will need a 5.25 to 3.5 adepter to fit all four drives into Versa H21. 

Regarding your second question,  I suppose you are also using a entry-level CPU. With the amount of workload you described, one fan should suffice, while adding one more would be perfect. 


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