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CPU cooler for core p3 with long tubes

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i wanted to build a pc with the core p3 where the main goal is to have an aestethic pc with good looking ram too.

I'm looking for an AIO cpu cooler with a 360cm radiator (So i can put 3 fans of the same height) that have long enough tubes to not pass in front of the ram so they can clearly be seen like in this build:

The problem with that pc is that the builder used an e-atx motherboard and "used some thick spacers behind the AIO to create a gap".

I have an ATX motherboard and i was thinking of buying a Corsair Icue H150I Rgb Pro Xt. If i buy that can i put the cable like in that build where the ram are visible from the front?
Anyone that have a core p3 can tell me which AIO build to have this effect?

Sorry for my english i'm not a native speaker.

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Hi, Mattia

Short answer is "it should be ok, but still it depends".

I've looked into the SPEC of Corsair iCUE H510i RGB PRO, and it's stated that the tube is 380mm. With that you should be able to route the AIO tubes around RAM and complete the build the way you want. However, there are several factors that you might need to consider: the layout of motherboard and the orientation of the pump head. The posistion of CPU and the where the tubes comes out might affect the distance but should be minor. 

Happy building & please share your final build with us once your system is completed! 


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