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Core p5 Pcie extender Cable

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i ve just bought a core p5 a month ago but only try the pcie extender yesterday 

the cable work fine in my motherbord only if y pug it on my 3rd pcie slot which is on pcie2 the video card work on pcie3 slot but wont word whit the extender cable


i just want to know if the cable is pcie3 compatible or ist defect


thanks for all

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I do a great impression both known big company to have no interest in our problem is not small.
I have sent and email too on customer service for RMA and I did not get any answer yet.  :(


UpDate > I just received a email from the technical department to send cable for control and replacement, and thank you for this ..

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I am awaiting receipt of new cable replacement. (RMA)

I know if it was damaged the previous or simply unsuitable for modern graphics cards and motherboards.

I hope that by the end of the week can I have in my hands and tell you the results

it would be useful to write those who have problems and what motherboards use.


For RMA read and contact on this page > http://my.thermaltake.com/csWarranty.aspx

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Hello everyone,


We are currently evaluating the concerns with the Core P5 riser cable.


We have done internal testing with high end NVIDIA GPU like 980TI and Titan cards working in our test lab.


We are dedicated to supporting our customers that purchased the Core P5.


Please stay tuned as we are working out a solution for you very soon.

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Once I received the extension replacement.
Things look really good initially. (motherboard Asus x99 pro)
But I do a lot more tests in the coming days.

I thank the ThermalTake for good support.


Sorry guys the extender has Exactly the same problem so probably not damaged and the second but is incompatible.

My Pc once time boot normally,other time not at all,and some time with delays in graphics.. (on PCI 1 x16)


I'll wait for updating the solution you provide.

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same problem for me, it does not work on a 16x 3.0 port ...

Thermaltake has changed my cable , but the problem is the same with the new cable ...

it only works on a 2.0 port x1 ...

well on my graphics card works fine when it is connected directly to a 16x 3.0 port ...

it is really damaging , because the Core P5 loses much of its charm to have to use the graphics card without riser ...

FYI , I have a GTX980ti , and I tested the riser in two different motherboards, a R5E and a X99 -PRO ...
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so I solved my problem . But not without difficulty, I bought a cable ( paid 44 euros :huh:  but certified Gen 3.0) and it finally works correctly , the card works well at 16x gen3.0 ...

It's a shame to have to spend 44 euros for me :angry: to fully enjoy the P5 core ...

Ok. Congratulations. I have two questions. Where did you buy you cable?. Do you lost bandwich in games (Lost FPS) at high resolutions (FullHD in ultra) ?. Than you.


Sorry for my english.

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so I bought my cable on this site (I had also seen on ebay.com ) :




I ordered on this site because I live in France (cable comes in 2 days)

for now I just did a test on Firestrike 1.1 and I have the same score as when the card is plugged directly . FYI I have a gtx980ti overclocked .. ;)

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No I will not go into these kinds of expenses paid transport for changing the cable.
If not corrected within a reasonable period of one month I will go back asking me the money and of course negatively evaluate the product.
I sole responsibility of the Thermaltake what happens and we have to correct without any other charges from us.



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Hello everyone,


thank you all for the feedback on the riser cable, we are aware some are having issues and we have a re-work option to replace the Riser Cable included with the Core P5 for you free of charge.


Please see the topic here:



Look forward to working with you all to resolve!

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