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Riing RGB colors


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Ok quick question...  my wife bought me the 120mm Riing RGB for a system i'm putting together and can't install it yet.  I have a couple of the orange Riing fans in another system and I'm really happy with them.  Now my question with the RGB version is I see that it says solid colors White/Red/Green/Blue and cycle through 256 colors; with that said can you only have solid colors of those 4 options or can you cycle thru the 256 colors and have an always on solid color of say purple or does it cycle thru all 256 color continuously?   I'd like to be able to find a color and stick with it,  say one fan always green and another fan always purple or yellow etc.   Is the controller capable of doing this sort of thing?  


And on another note,  can I connect the 140mm version into the controller that I received in the 120mm box so I have 2 120's and a 140 on the same controller?  I'm guessing you can but figured I'd ask. 


Thanks and keep working on this, I love the Riing line of fans.  


Great job!



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The RGB fan controller has a "Play/Pause" feature, when in the 256 color cycle mode the colors will slowly cycle through the color spectrum and all you need to do is press "pause" to lock the color and stop the cycle.


The color will stay there until you press the "Play/Pause" button again. The controller has memory built in to store what selection you had so every time you reboot, it will stay at that same color you selected originally. Even if you take it out and put it in another system, should stay at the same color that it was "Paused" at.


I would not recommend connecting anything else to the fan controller except for the RGB fans that come with the controller.


I would just recommend to get a fan controller like our Commander FX or FP depending on the fan and purpose you want to use them for:





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