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Build Log "45Deg"


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Hello, my name is DJ Madrid age of 21 and also known as Kryptek PC Casemodz, I am from the Philippines. And also, thanks to Thermaltake my major sponsor for this build project, thank you so much for this oppurtunity, more power!


And now, let's go to the build.


This project will be named "45Deg" or "45 Degree", the position of the motherboard is something new in our eyes because normally many of the mods today are rotated into 90 degree or 180 degree inverted, so I decided to make a 45 degree rotated motherboard position. I'll be using Thermaltakes water cooling parts, case, power supply and Riing fans.


Here is my isometric 3D design using Google Sketchup Pro. Hope you'll like it.






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Before we resume modding, let me do a quick preview of the motherboard that i'll be using for the build ;)

The sexy main board

Sexy heatsink, I loved it! Also you're gonna use only the Skylake processors with DDR4 3400+ MHz (OC) 4 DIMM slots, dual Channel XMP Support

SupremeFX on-board audio, the best audio performance

PCI Express slot, and also have the M.2 Socket 3 Type M PCIe Gen 3.0 x4

southbridge heatsink with the ROG logo is more sexier than the previous rog boards ;)

IO ports

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