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Will the 4070 ti MSI Gaming x Trio fit in the Thermaltake Tower 100 Mini?

Tim Fischer

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The T100 only has 2 slots available for GPU's, the MSI one you mention requires 3 slots, there is room for a 3rd slot and it might work but height is the main concern. I got a Gigabyte 4070ti aero that's 336mm, 2 slots and it most likely won't fit without modifications.  I'll be disassembling the case this weekend to see if removing the PSU cover gives enough clearance as it will not fit in from the side but more then likely will require taking a dremel to the bottom of the case. Once installed the hole won't even be seen and there is plenty of gap under the case for a few mm of GPU hanging out. I'll report back once installed

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Ironically there is a slot for the back tab of the 3 slot GPU.. would need to add an additional screw for the 3rd slot as well but the issue with the MSI card even with taking part of the bottom out is the width of the card and the side glass, it would be close to touching. I Just completely disassembled the case and trimmed off 2 of the cable management hooks to see if my 4070 would fit and still no, with the hooks cut off it would probably fit a 332-3mm GPU max. I'm going to cut the bottom this weekend, I have metal tools and taps so can relocate screws and remove w.e material needed.

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Looks pretty good. I think Thermals will be fine because this card ist so big ^^
Is your Aio blown Air in the Case or out of the case? and have you also thermal problems with the upper case cover. Mine gets really hot when Gaming. And the Mainboard panel side also...

Maybe is better the Aio Blow in the case?

Grats and great work if it works!

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AIO blows out, I have a 120mm pulling air in from the back of the case and another mounted above the AIO radiator pulling out as well. I'm going to do some testing, worse case I'll modify the right side panel and install a 360mm AIO cooler or look at doing a custom loop. Thermals before the 4070ti with a vintage EVGA 780 installed weren't concerning, I run a Ryzen 9 3950x which is known to be a hot CPU. While gaming things do get a bit warm but I haven't tested with the 2 new 120mms I added.

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The 4070 Ti's length of 337 mm exceeds the Thermaltake 100's GPU compatibility of up to 330 mm. While it's a close fit, there may be some potential solutions:

  1. Check for additional space within the case, as sometimes there's a bit of flexibility in accommodating slightly longer GPUs.

  2. Explore vertical GPU mounting options if your case supports them, as this can create extra room.

  3. Consider removing or modifying non-essential components or drive bays that may obstruct the GPU.

  4. Consult the manufacturer's support or user forums for specific experiences with the 4090 or similar GPUs in the same case model.

  5. Keep in mind that while some users may have successfully fit longer GPUs, it's essential to ensure proper airflow and safety when making adjustments

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Following up on my build.. I ended up moving from a 120mm AIO internally mounted to a 360mm AIO externally mounted, had to slightly modify the back of the top plastic case frame, purchase a 3rd party bracket (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015M4LZKW/) and was able to easily mount radiator outside the case which really cleans up the appearance from the front. The new radiator mitigated all internal temps and performance has been rock solid.

Regarding smeltzergloria's comment, to be absolutely clear, there is NO way to fit a card greater than 330m in this case without removing the bottom, there is ~.25" of space between (looking from the front of the case) the left of the card and the case side. Because of this there is absolutely no flex possible (see picture above of hole required and how close it is to the screw hole for the bottom left case cover) and no possible internal component that can be removed to create extra room. The right side of the card is nearly flush with the PSU cover in this case but that has not caused out of the ordinary temps even during long periods of high resolution gaming.

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