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Tower 900 and Cable Length

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I recently purchased a Tower 900 Snow Edition, and I am now looking at a power supply for it. The question I have is does the power supplies that Thermaltake sells have cables that are long enough to reach from the bottom mounting position of the power supply to the upper-middle position of the motherboard? Looking for at least a 1500-watt psu, atx 3.0 and fully modular. RGB not really needed since it is in the rear of the case where it's not going to be seen.

Thanks ahead for any help on this.

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Hi, Guntherkai

Based on your requirement of 1500W and ATX 3.0 compatibility, I'd recommend TOUGHPOWER GF3 1650W. 

Regarding the concern of cable length, the included cables are 600 mm, the cable of ATX 12V for CPU is even 750 mm. In Tower 900, which's overall height is 752 mm, the cables should be sufficient to reach the upper-middle position of M/B. However, it really comes down to how you route your cable. In some extreme situation, you might need a extention. 

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