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[Germany] Stefan Ulrich

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Time to start the worklog!

Over the last days, I was thinking about a design that I can realize for this Ram Mod challenge.
Playing with some ideas, I came across one of my favorite movies in terms of art design, "Mortal Engines"

Taking the general theme of the movie with its predator cities as an inspiration, I was searching for a city that can might be converted
into a Ram Mod for this project.

I came across this design here, and thought it would just fit perfect.


Now, I need to convert the design into a 3D model and start thinking about the best placement for the ram.  

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Somehow I thought the deadline was next week *TILT*

So I just super speed it up to hopefully keep the delay only two/three days at max.


After the 3D model was almost done, I already started printing the parts in resin.


Cause I only have a small resin printer, I needed to split up the parts in multiple pieces


As you can see, although it is resin printed, I took some time to make some post processing and smoothed out the surface even more.
After that, I glued some parts together.



Continued to build the parts. I am aiming to have multiple bigger parts, that can be disassembled if needed. Everything is snug fit together, I might install some magnets
to get a better holding power.



Next up, I am priming all the parts and start the paint job. So I am already on the home stretch. So keep with me a just a little longer.
Hope I can finish everything on Wednesday and present you the final pictures.


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Started with the paint job.
The outer ring will get a darker red color. I used a brush to dab on the color.
That way, I already get a bit of texture that makes the entire construction looks a little used and old.



The main part in the middle got different tones of a light blue and grey for a nice contrast.
I masked all the surfaces and then also dabbed on the paint.



Next, I am working on the metal parts and will do a weathering before the final assembly.


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