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TT fan controller not detected and fans won't light up


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I currently have 6 Riing Quad fans installed in my PC case with 2 controllers, each connecting to 3 fans. I had to clean my case recently, so I took all the fans out, but when I reinstalled them back and booted my PC, only one controller was working, and the other was not.

I had them previously work perfectly. This time I only have the fans spinning usually, but the RGB will not light up. I also tried different methods like using a separate molex cable to power that controller, but the problem still exists.

*I'm also thinking of buying TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition to solve the issue, will I be able to control the fans in TT RGB PLUS if I do so?

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Dear ChezK,

In your case, it seems like the software controller has been malfunctioning, we recommend you go for software controller RMA to get a replaced one. https://support.thermaltake.com/RMA_Agreement.aspx

Regarding the option of buying a TT Sync Controller, you could only control the fans through the M/B Sofware. If you're thinking of controlling the fans through TT RGB PLUS, the only option is to replace a new controller. 

 If you have any questions, please let us know. 

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The geniuses at TT built a fan controller for USB 2.0. A standard that only TT uses and now I too am stuck with over priced fans and a controller that can't be detected. It is infuriating.

If they just would have went with 4 pin connectors this problem of not detecting a controller would be solved by simply using another brands software and controller. Instead it's years of the same complaint from thousands of customers.


I'm so dine with TT I tell.all of.my friends not to buy their ####product. I would suggest you do the same because they don't give a #### about the customer. This has been a problem for years. I wish that I would have researched TT controller problems before purchasing this garbage. There is no fix. They basically lie to you and sell you something that isn't factually true and functioning. Its a borderline class action lawsuit.

By the way your controller is probably fine I've tried 4 none of them work. Its hilarious that they are in here telling you that their controllers are garbage and to spend more of your money to replace their garbage with more of their garbage.

Do yourself a favor bite the loss and buy a different brand.

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