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Swafan EX12 Works with another hub/controller brands?

Vinicius Costa

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Dear Vinicius Costa,

Thank you for choosing our products.

Our SWAFAN EX RGB can only controlled by TT RGB PLUS 2.0, so please do not connect with other brands' controllers.

If you want to sync with motherboard software like AURA sync, you can choose the other model "SWAFAN EX ARGB"


Could you help me check what the model you chose?

If it is SWAFAN EX ARGB, you can plug it into the motherboard to sync with the motherboard software.

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I have 8 SWAFAN EX ARGB fans. What controller can I use to connect all of them to my motherboard? I could use the commander fp controller but then I’m not sure what to do with ARGB 3pin connectors. Can I daisy those 8 and plug them into the board? Any info would help 


issue resolved using the commander fp controller to hook up 5 fans to usb header and then daisy chained arb connectors to 3 pin header. Works perfectly. Since I have 2 usb header and 2 rgb headers. I did 5 fans to one and my other 3 fans + case led to another if this helps anyone.

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