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could my thermaltake 700w be causing my pc and game crashes?


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over the past 6 months to a year my pc has had constant issues crashing while playing multiplayer games and even just streaming a show over discord. my internet isnt the issue i know, nor are most of my specs. i originally had a msi b450 with a ryzen 5 3600 but i upgraded to a tuf gaming x570 plus and a ryzen 9 5900 along with new cpu cooling via my local best buys geek squad. the entire time ive had a 3070 in, and 48 gigs of oloy ram( 2 x 16 + 2 x 8). i also have a pny 500 gig ssd and a samasung 1 terrabyte ssd, which are both mostly empty, as ive just software reset the entire pc after the crashes continued, regardless of the upgrades. i constantly get error codes and crashes from games but recently ive paid attention to the code before the screen changed, and its been whea_uncorrectable_error. ive spent over 600 dollars just trying to figure out the problem, thinking its been a hardware issue but it doesnt seem to be the problem? but similarly i factory reset the pc and it continues to crash. so all software and almost all hardware is new. the pny half terrbyte drive has been in since the pc started, along with a thermaltake 700w power supply. im so lost at what could be the issue, as its not overheating either, and has enough watts for all of the parts. any help would be amazing, because nothing i try seems to change it whatsoever. is it possible that it could be that my thermaltake smart 700w could be faulty or broken and be causing the problem? ive done no work on the power supply of my pc and am starting to consider that it may be the issue

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