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Thermaltake liquid cooler problem


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hello , i have been having a problem with my thermaltake liquid cooler lately and i bought it last year . When i turn on my PC after 8 , 6 and 4 hours of not using it , the cooler starts making a rattling sound and after some seconds the right fan stops working while the left fan continues spinning . I want to add that somebody cleaned my PC before this problem . He cleaned my PC 2 weeks before the rattling sound and the malfunction of the right fan (sorry the camera position was kinda hard to mantain while crouching but i can assure you it is the right fan ) started to happen . I am starting to believe the guy who cleaned my PC moved some wires or something but the thing is after he cleaned my cinema hd pc , it didn't have any problem .

The curious thing is that after i turn my PC off and on again , the cooler starts working fine with the two fans spinning. I don't want to keep turning the PC off and on again just to make the thermaltake cooler and its fans work . I want to know what it is going on with the cooler , specially that right fan .

what you see on the video happened yesterday at 7 am . Is the cooler broken down and beyond repair and i have to replace it by a better one or i just have to move some wires to make it work properly again? thanks in advance.

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