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Lottery Defeater Software Reviews (Customer Complaints) Don't Buy This Lottery Prediction System Until You Read This!

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Lottery Defeater is an automated, plug-and-plug lottery-winning software.

Winning a lottery is every man’s dream. We all have wished to win a big one million lottery someday. What if I said you could win a lottery using software? Lottery Defeater is a new software that helps people to win lotteries.


The creator of this software claims that it is an automated, plug-and-play lottery-winning software. So, in this Lottery Defeater review, we will determine whether the software is genuine and effective.

Lottery Defeater Software Reviews: How Lottery Defeater Will Boost Your Chances Of Winning Big?

There is other lottery-winning software available today that claims that using this software, people have a 90% chance of winning a lottery. However, most of them turn out to be a scam. Several tricks are also available such as lottery tactics, using statistics, and developing a winning strategy, and the most tried-out method is testing your luck. Most of us follow this method, by randomly choosing a number and letting our luck and fate decide.

In this Lottery Defeater review, we will look at all the aspects of the software - the features of the software, how it works, for whom the software is for, the pros and cons of the software, and its pricing details. An in-depth analysis of all the factors will be carried out in this review.

Click To Access The Official Lottery Defeater Website

We will also look at what Lottery Defeater users say about the software. By the end of this review, I will be giving my final verdict about the software and you can decide whether it is worth investing in. So, let’s get started!

Software Name: Lottery Defeater

Developer: Kenneth Leffer

Type of Software: Automated, plug-and-play lottery-winning software

Claimed Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use software

  • Complete automation

  • Increased chances of winning


  • Smart Pick tool for number generation

  • 24/7 live numbers database analysis

  • Real-time data use

How it Works:

Utilizes a unique algorithm and a secret lottery-winning formula based on statistical calculations

Steps to Use:

  1. Log in and choose the lottery

  2. Use the 'Smart Pick' tool for number generation

  3. Receive accurate winning numbers


  • Easy to use

  • Real-time data processing

  • Developed based on tested methods

  • 24/7 availability

  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Exclusive purchase from the official website

  • Time may vary to win double-digit numbers

Customer Reviews: Positive

Pricing: $197

Refund Policy: 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Bonus #1: Hourly winning numbers update

  • Bonus #2: Real-time updates for various lotteries

  • Bonus #3: Complete coverage and live analysis

  • Bonus #4: Unique number matcher feature

Availability: Only available on the official website

Official Website: Click Here

What Is Lottery Defeater?

Lottery Defeater is an automated, plug-and-plug lottery-winning software. According to the creator, the software is simple to use and even a fifth grader can use this software. The software calculates all the numbers and formulas automatically.

The creator of this software, Kenneth Leffer assures that people can expect a win of $20,000 per month using this software. Unlike other lottery software, which predicts only one or two numbers, the Lottery Defeater system predicts 4-digit or 6-digit numbers.

The software eliminates 90% of losing or repeated combinations of numbers. The creator also assures that the software only uses real-time data collected 24/7, ensuring all the results provided are accurate.

The software can be used by anyone who wants to lead a stable life or wants to live a dream life. We will look into more details about the Lottery Defeater program in the coming sections of this review.

Who Developed Lottery Defeater Software?

Kenneth Leffer is the person behind Lottery Defeater. Before developing this software, he tried to win the lottery just by luck but failed each time. Leffer tried figuring out the secret of lottery winning and the tricks behind finding the winning numbers.

For this, he contacted several lottery winners and tried to understand the trick behind it. He figured out 27 secret formulas from lotto winners. After analyzing the formulas adopted by the lotto winners, they all shared common things.

He took the common formula and combined it with an advanced statistical probability theory and created his formula. Leffer tried 126 variations and in the end, finally found the one formula that worked.

Click Here To Know More About The Lottery Defeater Software Creator

Key Features And Benefits Of Lottery Defeater

The Lottery Defeater software can be easily installed on your personal computer or laptop. You only need to log in and select the lottery of your choice. Users can use the ‘Smart Pick’ feature that will automatically generate up to 10 number combinations. You can use the special numbers generated by the Lottery Defeater software to pick a winning number.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using this software.

  • Easy-to-use software

The creator of the Lottery Defeater software assures that the software is easy to use and can be even used by a fifth grader. The software can be opened by signing in and then choosing your favorite local lottery. The software does all the rest of the tasks like generating winning numbers.

  • Complete automated system

The software is completely automated. It does not require any additional mathematical calculations or effort from your side. It has been developed based on the formulas used by lottery winners. All the important statistical formulas have been incorporated into this software.

  • Increased chances of winning

The creator claims that the Lottery Defeater software eliminates 90% of losing formula or combination numbers that come repeatedly. The software only focuses on combinations that have a high winning probability. Most importantly, the software uses 24/7 real-time data to generate accurate results.

Click To Access The Official Lottery Defeater Website To Know More

How Does Lottery Defeater Software Work?

According to the official website, the Lottery Defeater software works baked on a 24/7 live numbers database. It has collected thousands of winning and losing numbers from both national and local lotteries since 1985.

It compares the old number with the recent winning lotto numbers. As said before, the software automatically eliminates 90% of losing or repeated numbers.

The software also uses the formula used by top lottery winners. All the statistical and mathematical formulas have been built into the software. It analyzes more than 12,400 numerical and statistical variables.

The formula calculates the best number combinations and gives you all the accurate numbers. The creator terms this as a combination of a unique algorithm and a secret lottery-winning formula.

Steps to follow: To generate accurate numbers, you only need to follow three simple steps.

  • Step 1 - Log into the Lottery Defeater software and choose the lottery of your choice - Powerball, Mega Millions, and others.

  • Step 2 - Using the special ‘Smart Pick’ tool, the software will automatically generate the winning numbers. It has an inbuilt formula calculator.

  • Step 3 - After going through all the real-time data and calculating the numbers using the special formula, the system will give you the accurate lottery winning number.

Click To Access The Official Lottery Defeater Website To Know More

Pros And Cons Of Lottery Defeater Software

In the previous sections of this Lottery Defeater review, we have looked at all the factors of the Lottery Defeater software - how it works, its features, and who can try out this system.

Before trying out software, it is important to go through its potential advantages and disadvantages. So, listed below are the pros and cons of the Lottery Defeater software.

Pros Of Lottery Defeater

  • Lottery Defeater is an easy-to-use software

  • The software uses real-time data to process the numbers

  • Anyone can try out this software

  • The software has been developed based on tested methods

  • The software can be used any time of the day as it is open 24/7

  • The creator also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee

Cons Of Lottery Defeater

  • It can only be accessed through the official Lottery Defeater website

  • For some, it may take time to win double-digit numbers

Lottery Defeater Customer Reviews And Complaints

When going for software such as Lottery Defeater, it is crucial to go through what its users have to say about the software. You can find many Lottery Defeater customer reviews on various platforms such as X (Twitter), Reddit, and Quora. One can notice that all the feedback about the software is positive.

Many users have said that they have won more than $20,000 by using the system 3 to 4 times. Some have won $10,000 in just a single use. Many people were happy with such a system because it not only helped them to win the lottery, but also enabled them to pay their bills, settle their debts, and live happier and better lives.

Lottery Defeater users have also commented about how the system is pretty easy to use and that they didn’t have to do any calculations on their own. I rarely found any negative comments about the system.

Visit The Official Lottery Defeater Website To Read Genuine User Reviews

Who Is Lottery Defeater Software Created For?

Kenneth Leffer has created the Lottery Defeater for anyone who wants to win a lottery and use the money to pay off their debts or use it for other important things such as medical purposes, building a house, or any personal use. The software can come in handy for people who are financially struggling or have to pay hundreds of bills now and then.

This is also for people who strive for a luxurious life to buy a luxurious car or have a luxurious house. While using this platform, the creator recommends keeping a low profile and hiring a financial planner soon after winning a few thousand dollars. It is also suggested to donate some money that you have won to needy people or a charity home.

Where To Purchase Lottery Defeater Software? Pricing And Refund

The software can be purchased only from the Lottery Defeater official website. The software is not sold through any local retail or wholesale stores. It is not available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.

The software can be purchased for $197. There are no delivery charges and it will be sent to the address given within the stipulated time. After completing the payment, you will get instant access to the formula, winning tips, and bonuses.

The Lottery Defeater system is also backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you did not make any money within 2 months of using the software, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase. For a refund, you only need to send an email to their official address and the creator will initiate your refund.

Click To Make A Purchase From Its Official Website

Bonuses You Get With Lottery Defeater

When you purchase the Lottery Defeater from the official website, you can get 4 additional features as a bonus. Let’s take a look at what the bonuses are.

  • Bonus #1 - Hourly winning numbers update

Lottery Defeater users do not need to look for hourly updates of lottery draw results. The software will automatically update all the current results and results published in the previous week. Users can also view the results of previous years.

  • Bonus #2 - Real-time updates for Powerball, Mega-Millions, and all 50 state lotteries

By using the Lottery Defeater Software, users can find out when the next draw will take place. It will also reveal the size of the current jackpot and the cash value or yearly annuity. All this information is available at your fingertips.

  • Bonus #3 - 24/7, 365 days a year complete coverage and live analysis of winning and losing numbers.

The creator provides all-around coverage, that is 24/7 and 365 days for the software. It also draws a picture of the winning and losing numbers. The coverage also includes frequency charts and other features.

  • Bonus #4 - Unique number matcher feature

To know if you have a winning ticket, you can check it using this platform. The creator assures that you never miss out on a winning lottery. Using this feature, you can verify up to 10 number combinations at the same time.

Click To Purchase Lottery Defeater Directly From The Official Website

Final Verdict On Lottery Defeater Reviews

After analyzing all the factors in this Lottery Defeater review, it does seem to be legitimate software. Here I will be summarizing all the important aspects of the system. According to the creator, the Lottery Defeater software has been developed based on a secret formula used by lottery winners.

The system also uses arithmetic and statistical calculations that automatically figure out the winning numbers of a lottery. It also rules out the 90% chance of losing by eliminating repeated numbers. The software only identifies numbers that have high winning chances.

The system can be used by anyone who wants to make their lives better. It is easy to use and all the calculations will be drawn up by the system itself. The software also uses real-time and current as well as previous data. The creator assures that the Lottery Defeater system will give you highly accurate numbers.

Lottery Defeater users have reported that they have made a lot of money using this system and it has also made their lives easier. The software is available at a reasonable price and four free bonuses are also available.

If any user did not get any benefit after using this system, they can request a refund within 60 days of purchase. Evaluating all these factors, I think the Lottery Defeater system is worth a shot.

Click To Order Lottery Defeater Directly From The Official Website


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