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Software doesn't work


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So the firmware 36 doesn't work at all with my computer (windows 10) for some reason. After reading through the forum i have concluded it's not an issue my end, just shoddy firmware made by you guys. This wouldn't be so much of an issue until you bother to make something that works, but when using firmware 30 (as suggested) i can't actually "apply" or "save" any profiles i make, not matter how simple. It just sits on the "loading" animation without ever doing anything. I've tried re-installing, restarting my computer, reinstalling the drivers (all the usual stuff) but with no luck in fixing it. Is there any fix for this, or are we going to have to wait to get software that actually works... you know... get what we actually paid for? 

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Ah sorry - Poseidon Z RGB, brown switch. I'm from the UK. Also an update - i managed to get the firmware 30 working, by manually replacing the current firmware files with the 30 ones and then forcing an "update" which updated it to 30. So i have the basic software working. Any ETA on the firmware 36 fix?

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