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Thermaltake DPS G 650w Gold (My SPM Experience)

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Ok so I was recently accepted into Thermaltake's SPM testing program So I thought I would give a quick overview of the Thermaltake DPS G 650w PSU I received. The unit is 80 plus gold rated and as you can see is a semi modular. Unpacking the PSU it feels very sturdy and features flat cables cables kind of like the old school ribbon cables. All the modular cables are stored away securely in a nice little Thermaltake pouch.


The PSU also comes with a extended 7 year warranty, which is great for people like me who are PSU jinxed.



The DPS G 650w also features Tt’s new SPM software for monitoring hardware and power consumption. This information can be retrieved via a desktop monitoring application or a Smart phone app of your choice. (Android/Apple). This is a really cool aspect of these power supplies and lets me keep track of all the numbers my OCD demands. The information can then be uploaded to the SPM cloud where I can reference the numbers later.




I must confess I have always liked the Thermaltake power supplies but this one is another beast entirely. After a weeks worth of use it has not skipped a beat even with my horrible horrible electricity companies dirty power the unit has held strong. At first I was having a few issues with getting the software to sync but after a reinstall (With Admin rights durp) everything worked. The software has a very easy to understand UI and is accurate and matches up with my own temp probes and software. All in all Im very impressed with the Tt DPS G 650w and will definitely be picking up a more powerful model asap.


Link to the PSU - http://www.thermaltake.com.au/Power_Supply/Smart_Series_/Smart_DPS_G/C_00002720/Smart_DPS_G_650W_Gold/design.htm

Link to main Build Log


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