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The MB manufacturer, ASUS, won't do anything, and needless to say I've raised #### with Corsair, so, we'll see where that goes.  Had an AIO pump go bad on me (surprisingly the Water 3.0 Extreme), was able to return that to the retailer, and in a pinch picked up the Corsair H100iGTX model.  Apparently, they have issues with some motherboards, the cooling block will not sit properly on the MB and will leave a 1/4 inch gap, I only found this out AFTER installing it, and people on their forums have complained to Corsair about it, and recommend using rubber washers on the back of the MB to make it fit.  Well, needless to say that's not happening, so I go to take the thing off, and the screws got stripped while #### them in place.  Now I have a water block on a $350.00 MB that I can't remove.  After hours of MB surgery, I finally get it off, and what happens?  Scratched a tracer.  MB is dead, and un-replaceable because it's an X-97 model.  Lovely.


Find on Amazon an updated Water 3.0 Extreme, (BEAUTIFUL!! Those Riing fans are so quiet and the mounting hardware is 1000 times better!!), and found a Gigabyte Gaming 7 MB, so my PC is back up and running, but I'm going after Corsair like a #### shark. :angry: :angry: :angry:

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