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V1 mini k|ngp|n build...


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Hey Everyone!


Wanted to share a V1 mini build that i'm starting.  This build was just supposed to be a basic build but has morphed into something that I have become extremely passionate about.  And that is the artistic value achieved with modding PC with custom water cooling setups.  My schtick is that I want to stay with either a mini itx or micro atx platform.  ATX boxes are common.  But the smaller platforms with custom water cooling you don't see often.  


So where to begin.  Well, I feel in love with the V1 mini a while ago.  Did some youtube research and found some very nice builds.  So I pulled the trigger and got the black one.  From that point, everything focused around that case... the build that is.  So why k|ngp|n you asked??  Well, just because... LOL  I want to make it fit and work and look gorgeous to the eyes.  I know it will perform, but that is not the main point of my build.  So on to the parts list:


Core Parts-

Core V1 mini Case 'black'

6700K i7 skylake

3200 Trident Z xmp 2.0 compliant

EVGA 980 Ti k|ngp|n 


PNY SSD 250gb


Modding Parts-

XSPC Water block for i7.  The new 'RED' edition

BitsPower water block for k|ngp|n video card

alpha cool radiator 

phobya reservoir

MP35x Swiftech pump

XSPC black chrome fittings

off brand flow meter

custom sleaving

custom led with remote

color scheme: black, black chrome, red, carbon fiber

custom power switch assembly

and a custom made piece that I'm not ready to show right now until i'm complete with the build.


There is quite a bit more but I will be take pictures as much as I can though I starte modding the case a few weeks ago.


But here are some pictures of the modified bitspower water block that I've done for this build.


*Note - everything here has been done by hand with no machined parts.  If I had access to cnc or laser etching things would be a lot crisper.  But I think that will take away from the character this build will have.
















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