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  1. Hey Everyone! Wanted to share a V1 mini build that i'm starting. This build was just supposed to be a basic build but has morphed into something that I have become extremely passionate about. And that is the artistic value achieved with modding PC with custom water cooling setups. My schtick is that I want to stay with either a mini itx or micro atx platform. ATX boxes are common. But the smaller platforms with custom water cooling you don't see often. So where to begin. Well, I feel in love with the V1 mini a while ago. Did some youtube research and found some very nice build
  2. I can't upload images... **edit figured it out. Here:
  3. Nice setup!! Your PSU is kinda high for a single card setup, though i'm running a 750 so meh... LOL I don't think you will have issues with cooling. But, you are limited on fan locations though you can try and install fans on the perforated panels... I thought about it. This is going to be my setup which I think will blow people out of the water. There will be a lot of customizing the frame... so let's be clear with that. But on to the parts list. Gigabyte G1 Gaming 5 Z170N 6700K GSkill Trident Z 3200 mhz 16gig PNY SSD And for the cou de gras - EVGA 980 ti k|ngp|n... yes, t
  4. yes, you can... i'm going to be ordering some myself.
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