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Such Eye Candy! This is my personal build I have had throughout the years constantly upgrading this computer. This has been with me through thick and thin even in the military. This Is also still unfinished I mind you "Most personal builds are never finished LOL". I am awaiting on the ram to come in along with finishing the last few touches. I have designed a front plate for the anime I love Code Geass. The front plate will be a symbol of completion. The other finishing touche will be to complete the sleeving  of the last 5 wires to the fan controller. When I finish it I will be posting the final pictures to this post. Unveiling the beauty within the beast! ^_^ post-56686-0-27076000-1442935900_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-27052400-1442935928_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-00190400-1442936137_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-87308400-1442936163_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-78662500-1442936197_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-87308400-1442936163_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-15036800-1442936215_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-69371000-1442936233_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-41381400-1442936853_thumb.jpgpost-56686-0-65770400-1443191415_thumb.jpg

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