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Project EverGreen


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First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Michał (this is Polish name and It can be hard to pronounce so just call me Mike :) ) and I am from Poland. It is very nice to meet you all.

But let's get in to the business. Maybe some of you is already familiar of my previous build called Purple Core where I have pleasure to work with case Core P5, if not please see some of the pictures below in spoiler:












But I'm person which do not like stand in one place for a long time and this is how the idea for project EverGreen was born. 
In this place I really want to give a HUGE THANKS to Thermaltake Team for support me with the case and all the necessary watercooling parts for this build!

At the beginning I was thinking and designing my project to be seated in the Core WP100 case but after some discussions with Thermaltake we agreed that this project will be based on Core X71.
Before I will try to explain how I want to modified and complete this project please take a look at the renders which I made. But I mointeined upper, originali I was designing this project for Core WP100 never the less X71 is like small brother to the bigger WP100 so the idea remain the same.






So as you can see I decided to make a inverted ATX build, so first of all I need to disassemble the whole case and put it back together with ATX layout, there is also one more reason for putting this case a part I will paint it to white  :) This is because as you probably already guess the main theme for this build will be white and green colours. I also have couple of other ideas but I will share them a little bit later with the progress of build. :P
So the hardware list which will be used is as follow:
CPU: i7 5820K @ 4.5 GHz
GPU: GTX 980Ti (I'll probably make and SLI setup)
MOTHERBOARD: Asus X99 Deluxe / USB 3.1
RAM: Geil Super Luce 4x4 GB (probably I'll switch the memory later one)
PSU: EVGA SuperNova P2 1000W
SSDs: M.2 256GB + 2x Crucial M550 256GB RAID 0
As it comse to the LC parts:
CPU Water block: Bitspower Summit EF (already modified by my to white)
GPU Water block:Thermaltake Pacific V-GTX 980 Ti Reference Design Transparent
Radiators: Thermaltake Pacific RL240  + 2x Thermaltake Pacific RL360 
Fans for radiators: Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB
Reservoir: Pacific R22 Reservoir
Pumps: 2x Pacific P1 Black D5 Pump w/ Silent Kit
Fittings: Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 PETG Tube 16mm
Bending Kit: Thermaltake Pacific Hard Tube Bending Kit
Coolant: Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Coolant Green
Front Panel: Aquaero 6XT
Stay tuned for more Right now that's all please stay tuned for more! :D
PS. The pack form Thermaltake just arrived, one more time hundge thanks for support!



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Case strip out with all the plastic before paint job, only bear metal frame remains before













After disassembling was just a pile of metal :P



When the pint job will be done I will disassemble it and get back with more photos :) after this I going to start creating the water cooling loop so stay tuned

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The family joined second GTX 980 Ti :)

I also finished paint job on one of the three radiators :) How you like it ? I Think it looks really good better than I expected I must say :)
PS. The green color on fins is more bright and pastel but when I was shooting this photo the sun was already setting and the light was not to great.




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I'm loving this project so far, cant wait to see more photos.   I have a few questions though.  Did you strip the factory paint off the x71 or did you just spray over it  I know it has a rough finish from the factory so I wasnt sure how that would look or how new paint would adhere to it.   


Why do you have so many 90 degree fittings because from the looks of your renders all the tubing is making the 90 degrees bends. 


What software did you use to do the renders?


What brand are the sleeved wires or did you sleeve those yourself? 


What brand are the wire separators, organizers... not sure what the proper name is for those.. but I like the metal ones vs the plastic I have seen


The front panel is really nice... can you explain how you made it and how you plan to attach it... and maybe show some pictures of the other side... Id love to put a window in the front of my case.


Anyway.. dope project man... as I said I cant wait to see more and thanks for any help with the questions.

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Hi @DJ Bill Bass
Let me answer your questions :)
1)I do not strip the original paint from X71 but I use sandpaper and quite some time to smooth the surface of the case. Then I spray the undercoat gray paint paint about 2 lawyers and smooth it one more time with sand paper but with higher gradation. After this I put 3-4 layers of white paint (RAL 9003).
2)I want to use them instead of making bends where it is possible. But the final layout of tubing will probably change a little bit ;)
3) I not able to tell you the exact name because those are from my trusted suppliers here in Poland where it is called "Deluxe SHD sleeve" :) Part of them is made by my and part is made by my colleague to save some time.
4) There is no brand for them they are CNC cutte. I have plans to build in future my own CNC milling machine to be able make the faster.
5) The front panel is a piece of 3mm clear plexi, then on to of it I laser cut the special white and green foil. The text Ever Green will be ligheted as well but the LEDs :)
P.S If you will have more question in future feel free to ask.
Here is a new power plant for the system :D







And I also equipped themselves with Dremel DSM20 to be able finish modding the case even faster now.


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After drilling, cutting, bending, etc. Rear panel pre-assembled, only you need to be cut for the rear I / O panel for the motherboard and gpu. Mobtray also been cut and reamed assembly now it under inverted. Sorry for the poor photo but it becomes dark :) When I'm finished fitting a whole will of course be untwisted, cleared, leveled, sanded and go on to the final coat of paint :)














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Thank you for all the responses... it's coming along nicely. I will try to document my build as well.  I still haven't decided if I want to paint the case or not.  I was considering painting just the interior but then I realized it would be very very difficult to keep the color from spilling through all the holes.  I may just dress up the interior with a diamond plate aluminum sheet on the motherboard back panel... the bottom as well as where the rear fan goes.


 I would love to know what CAD software youre using to render the models because that would help me visualize everything before hand.  Can you help?

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Hi Guys thanks for kind words :)


But DJ Bill Bass back to your question :) for my renders i'm using the Google SketchUp with addition plugin installed to export project to Kerkythea where I made all the texturing and rendering :) Here is a link to the plugin for it: http://www.kerkythea.net/cms/index.php/downloads


I also decided to make a completely new mobo tray for 3mm aluminum to cover all of the length on the case :) and the parts for it are already here:


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