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Case fans that came with Liquid cooler don't work, anyone know why?


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Hello folks.


I bought a Thermaltake Liquid Cooler RGB 360mm a few weeks ago and decided to put it together after all my parts came in. This is a new computer and I just recently finished building it last Friday with my cousin. Though everything seems to work, the only thing that does not is the case fans that came with the Thermaltake Liquid Cooler. I don't see any RGB/LED lights showing up after I connected it to my fan controller. I've plugged them in and out, multiple times but nothing does not work. The case fans DO spin, and the radiator works, just not the lights. 


I asked on NewEgg and Amazon but didn't really get much answers. I am currently waiting for the new Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics cards to come out, so I haven't really updated anything yet that I bought driver wise. But people are saying that this has nothing to do with the drivers. As said above, I have everything working, except the LED lights that aren't turning on when I turn the computer on. 


Here is my PCPartPicker list. For now I'm using my cousins old Radeon 3870 from like 2008 or whatever. I don't turn it on for much, as I still have my laptop to use. 




Any help would be appreciated, thanks! 

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Hello Chu4Lyfe,

the 5pin cable of the fan needs to be connected to the included controller box, which has a 4pin PWM connector that can be connected to the motherboard or PSU.


If the fans are connected to anything else than the controller box via the 5pin cable, the RGB signal does not come through properly.

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I've ordered a Molex to fan adapter to test if the lights and fan speeds will work with the PSU. (will probably be here tomorrow). If these cords do not work, should I consider an RMA thing for the case fans and fan controller? (and maybe the 4pin pwm cord as well?) 

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