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  1. Tte Martin

    Core p3

    Airflow is relevant in closed cases because without proper airflow, the warm air will stay trapped inside the case and heat up the components. Since the Core P3 is open, you will be fine with air coolers if you don't go crazy on the overclocking. The hot air can still escape. Installing fans where the radiator would usually go really only make sense if you want to cool your hidden hard drives or for aesthetical reasons. If you've got the fans anyway and will mount them onto the radiator when you put in the water cooling, go for it. If you don't install extra fans, that is no big deal either.
  2. This is awesome! I've pinned this thread so new users will still find this after a few month.
  3. We are providing some of the dimensions in the first post of this thread here: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1092-core-x-series/ The left side is designated for the PSU but you can change that and install the PSU on the right side. That leaves you with around 150mm of space for your radiator and fans. You will need to think about HDD placement, though. The front fits two 120mm fans without losing a 5.25" bay but for a 240mm radiator you would probably have to remove the bottom 5.25" bay to make it fit.
  4. The beauty about the kits is that you can expand however you wish and add more or different components to your loop. For the hard tubes, you will require different fittings so you'd have to acquire those as well. The soft tube compressions are not compatible with hard tubes.
  5. Hello, you can find Thermaltake products at most major etailers, like SCAN, box, Eclipse, CCL, Chillblast, FiercePC, AriaPC and many more. When it comes to the water cooling parts, you are somewhat more limited. I would recommend checking out SCAN, box or watercooling.co.uk for that. We are working on bringing better availability of the Pacific water cooling products to the European market. Thanks for your interest in our products!
  6. You can use air coolers with a height of up to 160mm (which applies to most tower coolers with a 140mm fan), the maximum GPU length is 390mm if you take out the front fan and 365mm with a front fan (for reference: A GTX1080 has around 270mm). You should be absolutely golden for future upgrades. Just make sure to pick a motherboard that allows easy upgrades along the line (has extra RAM slots, free SATA connectors, enough PCIe slots and supports entry level and high end CPUs). Power will become less and less of an issue since the most power hungry components are becoming more and more efficient. 500-600W should be enough, even for an ambitious and powerful system. The Versa C21 comes with a preinstalled exhaust fan in the rear. Depending on your setup, you might want to add a few more fans in the front and/or top. However, you can just test out how the temperatures are with the basic setup and add more fans if the temperatures are too high. They are easy to upgrade without dismantling the whole PC. This case is perfectly capable of creating a great airflow for air cooling and does not require water cooling. We put that in to demonstrate what the chassis is capable of and because it looks better.
  7. The Versa C21 has just been released and might still be on the way for some regions. Where are you trying to find it?
  8. Please contact support@thermaltake.de. We can hook you up with a spare key
  9. The Core P3 will fit your GPU, just be aware it might stick out a bit and cover the area in front of the radiator a little bit (by about 2cm). This is important because it might collide with the reservoir but it should probably fit. However, it might become difficult when you go SLI. Below you'll find a photo of the Core P3 with the Strix 980Ti (30.5cm)
  10. They pull in the air on the side with the Thermaltake sticker so if you want to change the direction, you have to install them the other way around
  11. The Riing fans are geared towards static pressure and radiators but are perfectly fine as case fans too. The single-colour Riing fans have a 3pin connector (and a low noise cable). The Riing RGB fans have a 4pin connector and support PWM. In a few weeks, we will release the Riing RGB TT Premium edition, which is a software-controlled Riing RGB fan with fan blades that are optimized for air flow, however. They will perform better as case fans that the Riing fans that are currently available.
  12. The Core X71 only supports 1x 360mm radiator at the top. How are you using the bottom compartment? Have you tried installing the power supply or radiator in there to free up space around the motherboard?
  13. Hello nlash and welcome to our forum =) The I/O panel can be installed on either side so you can have it at the left, right or top side either way. The only thing limiting the position is the desired direction of the bulge of the front panel because the cutout for the I/O panel is always on the left of the flat side. However, you can turn around the front panel as you please anyway (and also turn the magnetic Tt logo in the front panel).
  14. Here is a user guide on how to connect up to 9 fans to one single controller box: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/49678-guide-how-to-connect-9-riing-rgb-fans-to-1-controller-box/ Since this is a user guide, taking these steps is at your own risk and Thermaltake can not be held accountable for any damages that might occur. We recommend to only use up to 3 fans per controller box. The connection cables should come to the UK in August.
  15. That would be the Core P3, which is a tad smaller than the Core P5 and has been designed with AiO coolers in mind. The distance between radiator and CPU has been reduced greatly in the Core P3, compared to the Core P5. It is just about to hit markets world wide, it's literally a matter of days.
  16. The purpose of the all-in-one bracket is to bring the radiator closer to the CPU so that the tubes will be long enough to fit. If you try to install an all-in-one cooler in the Core P5 without the bracket, the tubes will either be under a lot of stress or not fit at all in most cases.
  17. Please send an email to our European customer support at support@thermaltake.de and explain your problems. We'll hook you up with a working cable.
  18. Hello Chu4Lyfe, the 5pin cable of the fan needs to be connected to the included controller box, which has a 4pin PWM connector that can be connected to the motherboard or PSU. If the fans are connected to anything else than the controller box via the 5pin cable, the RGB signal does not come through properly.
  19. Tte Martin

    Core P5

    Sorry, my bad. If I hear of someone working on this, I'll direct him or her to this thread.
  20. Tte Martin

    Core P5

    If it fits into a 5.25" slot, you can try this one: http://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/dwgallery.aspx?s=8
  21. By default the Core P5 has only one designated mounting space for a radiator (or possibly 2x 120mm radiators). It requires some modding (drilling additional holes) and voiding the warranty to be able to fit more than one 360mm radiator.
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