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Black V2 (Not Working) Cursor Wont Move, Only Clicks


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Hi Guys,
I recently purchased the Black V2 gaming mouse.
After initial software issues, I got everything running fine.
However, i turned on my computer today and the mouse is suddenly unresponsive.
The mouse does not move the cursor anymore, it only clicks.
The only light on the mouse is the first DPI level light.

I had the same issue with my original Black DTA mouse. I assumed the mouse just died (few years old), however the same issue has come back.

Steps I have taken to solve the issue:
Rebooting the computer several times.
Changed the USB port.
Checked the drivers.
Uninstalled USB port drivers, replugged in device and the drivers reinstalled.

What can I do to solve this issue. I just bought the mouse less than a week ago.

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