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Core v21 Vertical Motherboard


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I know that you can install the motherboard vertically (basically swapping panels), but when you do that doesn't the front grill rotate 90º and thereby make the power/reset panel reside on the top or bottom? 


I've seen pics of it on the side with the vertical mobo placement, but can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. 


Anyone have any tips?

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Hello nlash and welcome to our forum =)


The I/O panel can be installed on either side so you can have it at the left, right or top side either way. The only thing limiting the position is the desired direction of the bulge of the front panel because the cutout for the I/O panel is always on the left of the flat side. However, you can turn around the front panel as you please anyway (and also turn the magnetic Tt logo in the front panel).

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