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Software and mouse drivers for ttesports commander keyboard and mouse combo

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Hoping someone can help me,


got my new commander combo, had no problem with getting drivers for the keyboard but auto update seems to not be able to get the drivers for the mouse. does anyone have a link to the drivers for this particular product, as all. of the links on the website appear to not work for me.


also, how do i install the software that comes with the drivers to edit macros and features of the combo?


thank you in advance

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I bought an Black FP mosue, which has fingerprint sensor. I use Windows 10 Pro.

It works for Domain login with Win10 Hello, and with security center for web page, great ...

If i leave my pc and lock screen or the group policy timeout locked the screen, i don't use to unlock it with fingerprint ??

Why ? or how can I unlock my locked workstation ?

Thanks ...

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