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Riing 12 Radiator Fan Premium Edition Misinformed Information

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So, I brought a pack of Riing 12 Radiator Fan Premium Edition fans from Thermaltake Premium website and a pack of the original Riing 14 High Static Pressure RGB Fans and the controller that come with it from Amazon. When the last pack come from ttpremium, I will have 3 120mm of the new RGB fans and 1 premium controller and 3 OG of the 140mm RGB fans and 1 OG controller of the old Riing fans. I received my Riing 14 pack from Amazon already, I'm just still waiting on my Riing 12 Premium from UPS. So all together with shipping, I spent almost  $200.00 USD.... With that being said, I just found out on the forums today that the original Riing Fans and controller that I just brought are not compatible with the new Premium fans and controller. WHY THERMALTAKE??? Are you series??.... Also Thermaltake rep from Computex said you can connect up to 3 controllers to the new controller for a total of 48 fans. HE DIDN'T SAY YOU NEED THE NEW VERSION OF THE FANS OR CONTROLLER. He just said you can connect your ring fans and controller to the new premium controller. (



Also it don't say on Thermaltake website that the old version on the RIING fans and controller are not compatible with the new version. It just says you can connect THE RIING SERIES FANS with FOR A TOTAL OF 48 FANS! ( http://ttpremium.com/product/riing-12-led-rgb-tt-premium-edition-3-fan-pack/) This is horrible communication from Thermaltake to us customers. Here I'am spending 200 bucks on product that are in the same series but are not compatible. With no information from Thermaltake about compatibility issues between the versions.  Also before I get shredded with people defending them. I did my research and look on youtube. That's how I came up with the decision to go ahead purchased the fans after I watch the Thermaltake Computex video showcase. I even emailed a Thermaltake rep about the compatibility of the Premium fans and the original RIING fans and I didn't get a response back. I understand that the premium fans cost 89.99 because of the new software and controller, but how come they are not compatible with the original fans and controller? To me this seems like a money hungry company and I hate companies like that....... It's like Thermaltake hid the information from us. I'm sorry for ranting, I never get mad but spending this much on just FANS and to find out important information about compatibility through forums from other customers about your product is very unprofessional. I was really looking forward to putting my fans in my build..... 



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I understand I am resurrecting an old thread but I am in exactly the same boat as you are. What is even worse, my fans were purchased in US and brought to me by a friend (you are unable to get these for less then double the price in Bosnia :( ) and now I am stuck with half the setup.


I have to admit that I did received a response from TT in which they offer to help, however because of my location and the fact that fans are purchased in US there is not much they can do. I appreciate the fact that they at least tried...


However, even if I am happy with the fact that they did tried to help, I am still a bit #### with the fact that nowhere on the site there is a statement that say that these two controllers are incompatible, and trust me, I have put an effort to try and get the information from TT site. I even posted the question about compatibility on TT FB page which nobody replied to.


Now... I am confident that fans are compatible with controller even if connector is not (I am confident this is why they changed the connector on premium controller), and I am trying to find a way to make the adapter that would allow me to connect standard fans to premium fans controller. Because TT used non-standard connector I will probably have to solder the wires to the controller pcb and get the additional connectors outside of the controller case.


If I am not mistaken, regular fan controller is using 2.54 mm (5-pins) connectors so this should not be an issue. Although I found a reply on a forum from TT moderator that this would not work, I cannot imagine why it would not as 4th pin should be pwm control (unless they pulled a sneaky move of reversing the pinout, which I doubt as it can be determined anyway :) ) making the 5th pin RGB control one. Now I need to wait my connectors to arrive in order to put this theory to the test. :)))))


I would be glad if somebody could provide the feedback if they already tried this :)

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