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[USA] Jon Hansz

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So it's been a long week.

I built a temporary paint booth in my garage. This thing is working quite well.

The inside of the panels and inside of the case were taped off to keep them black.

I primered the case and all the panels.

After the primary dried, I began masking off the dragon and any part that will be airbrushed.

This process took along time to get everything all taped off.

The outside of the case will be gun metal gray with a glossy clear coat.

I will decide if I want to add anything else to the outside later. I think the dragon coming through the case should be good.

I put on several layers of clear to really shine it up.

When the clear was dry, I pulled all the tape off.

It still needs to cure all the way before I can mask the panels off and start airbrushing the dragon.

I'm going to take this opportunity to start working on the build out.

I started by adding some white highlights to the motherboard.

They were all hand cut vinyl decals.

The blue vinyl came in today. It matches the memory quite well.

I will be re-badging various parts with these vinyls.

























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