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Everything posted by Jos214demi

  1. That is really weird... It was posted as a new account ahahaha
  2. And the winner is!!!!???? :D
  3. It's looking pretty good!!! Look at that armor!!!
  4. I vote for Mr. Steam Punk Michael John Lacerna!!!!! <3
  5. @Tt Andy Who won here?
  6. Brilliant!! Those reservoirs will look magnificent!
  7. The helmet in the front looks so awesome!!!
  8. For the details and design theme, i'll go with Ali Abbas
  9. Woah!!! It looks like a Patriot Missile Battery!
  10. ####!!! It's starting to look like a Metal Gear now!
  11. Any updates on this? Need more pics.
  12. Oh my ####!!! It's starting to look like a robot!
  13. This would be so awesome if there are some lightning design on the pics Good job one again mate
  14. I imagine this as a Silent Hill mod of the Pyramid Head. Cool!
  15. Sorry to hear that my friend. To me you are already the winner
  16. Hi Ali, nope not Gears of War... I know that you created a Gears of War mod and It's my favorite actually but what I mean is #### of War... about Greek Gods. If you have a mod like this that would be really amazing
  17. It looks like Darth Vader's face on the sketch
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