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Please plug in gaming device Challenger Pro


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Hi there,


I have the Challenger Pro keyboard, running a Windows 10 PC. I am however unable to configure the keyboard using the Challenger Pro software. When I open the software, the error message received states 'Please plug-in gaming device to start the preset configuration' (image attached).


Greatly appreciate help on this please. Thank you.


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Thanks for your response David. I've uninstalled and re plug in my device. Still the same message turns up when I try to open the Challenger Pro software.


The attached is what I see in Device Manager. https://postimg.org/image/fcn6ptbmx/


Hi, we've tried the software on our Win 10 computer and didn't happen this situation.


Could you please try the reinstall step here:

1. plug out your keyboard

2. remove software

3. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\TteSPORTS and clean all files

4. restart your computer

5. plug in the keyboard

6. install software

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I still get the same thing.


The software is from the tte website, but I notice the date for that is 2011. Is that the issue? Is there a newer software?


We don't have a newer software for this keyboard. Could you try it on the other computer and see if it happens again or not? Because I've tested it on our Win 10 PC and it works well. 

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