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10 hours ago, Tt David said:

Which is M1, M2, and M3?

I really have no clue what you mean. Do you mean the settings, per button? In that case, see the screenshots below. I left those settings alone so they are set as they are by default, after installing.

Edit: oh I think I know what you mean now :)
M1 = Left mouse button

M2 = Right mouse button

M3 = Scrollwheel button

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On 2017-6-17 at 0:58 AM, Erfie said:


Two times i've used the  eRMA Service, heard nothing back. Also send an email to support@thermaltake.de, but again to no awail.



Hi Erfie, did you try our new software and update your gaming mouse firmware?

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On 19/6/2017 at 3:39 AM, Tt David said:

Hi Erfie, did you try our new software and update your gaming mouse firmware?

Yes, it does nothing.

The mouse still has the same problem, it can't save 400DPI


The real question is this; Why does nobody reply to the eRMA tickets/emails? That's some really awful customer support...

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On 6/8/2017 at 0:02 PM, Tt David said:

We already combined the firmware update with our Command Center V2.0. You can download the latest version and then update your Ventus X RGB firmware now.


I have uninstalled the old driver, installed the new driver and indeed it asked me if I wanted to upgrade. Did that and together with the new software, all 3 of the bugs seem to have been resolved. Thanks!

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8 hours ago, Tt David said:

Thanks for update :)

Np glad it worked so well! 


Btw I already mailed this to the official EU email address list (info@thermaltake.eu), but haven't gotten a reaction so far. Just a heads up; these domains listed on the website have been down for some time:
Italy : http://it.thermaltake.eu
Netherlands : http://nl.thermaltake.eu
Spain : http://es.thermaltake.eu

Might be whise to fix it or just unlist them from the main site :P 

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disappointed with the mouse, I'm having issues with this. there are signs that it is broken.

firstly at 800 dpi it feel extremely unnatural, moving  on the Y axis the travel is longer almost not moving while X-axis it feels accelerated.

on the first day of use my mouse suddenly can't move up on the screen. feels broken. 

the tracking seems off. 

so far the mouse travels fine on 3200 but is abit too fast on windows for normal use i just find it strange that from 400 onwords the mouse is unusable 

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