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Hey Guys!


I'm new here and new to custom watercooling builds in general. So it all started back in January 2016 when I fulfilled my dream of building my own gaming pc. I actually started off with an AIO cooling solution back then already but since it was my first build I wanted nothing to complicated to start off. At that point I was bitten by the bug and there was no turning back anymore. The only thing I was doing was research and reading forums about builds and ideas. The first build was red and black themed (yeah typical and lame by now) but I actually loved it. So in that year pretty much all my money went into my rig with upgrading hardware and changing up things aesthetically. I just wasnt fully satisfied until now. So there came christmas and I knew I wanted a new montior but the model I wanted was just too #### expensive.

So I was thinking for weeks until I found a picture of the Core P5 with a custom loop configuration and I knew I needed something like that. Only problem was I absolutely had no idea about watercooling. I did my research for weeks trying to figure out what I need and what looks good. Hardline or soft? PETG or acrylic? What pump? Bending how? But I really wanted to know everything about this and so sucked in every bit of tip or trick on the inet. So there I was ordering all my parts and boy I can tell you I was shocked at first because of the price! Really didnt think it would bust my wallet this bad! :D But after this build Im so into watercooling or modding in general its unbelievable! But I think I talked enough.. if theres any questions or anything just hit me up! I present my own green beast:








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