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Building my first custom WC - Individual parts vs kit??


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Hey all,


I'm wanting to build my first custom WC loop and this seems like a great time to buy since the sale is going on. I have a few questions questions however as I look at what I want to get.....


I'm thinking of going soft tubes since it seems a little easier and cheaper for beginners. I really want the new RGB waterblock thermaltake sells but its not included in any of the kits so if I were to buy all the pieces separately I'm looking at:


P22-D5 Reservoir/Pump

RGB Waterblock

Pacific RL240 radiator (I felt like I don't "really" need a 360)

Riing Fan 3 pack (I like the newest ones but they're not available right "now" in the store)


V-tubler 4T



This comes out to about $470 in Thermaltake's store, where as their Pacific RL360 kit (which is all the same things except an RL360 and a non rgb waterblock) is $409. 


I'd obviously save a good bit of money by going with the kit, but lose the ability to customize a few parts. Am I missing something or is there a discount built in for buying the kit?


Another question I had is the pumps/reservoirs. What does the "-D5" pump do that the others do not? There is about a $60 premium on those. Also how big of a reservoir do I really need?


Really appreciate any advice here, thank you so much!

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Late reply. How did it all work out for you? 

I think your res size depends on what you are cooling and how hard you are oc. 

I personally think it better to save a little longer and buy the parts separately. 

But if you want to strictly stay with just thermaltake I would probably go with the set. 

The rads are aluminum so make sure you get compatible parts with everything in the future if you expand.  


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