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  1. I dont buy Thermaltake anything other than cases now. Too many issues with their stuff. The memory they are selling is a good price but I wont even try it if someone gave it to me thats how I feel about Thermaltake. First riser cable with the case was bad. They sent me another one (thanks) but it was the same type (no thanks). That was working for a little while until it went bad. Too scared to use another one of their cables in case it borks my motherboard or something. I wont try their premium cable as well. If 90% of your products are bad why support you in what might be a properly working product? Right now I am using a DeepCool cable and its working out good. Saw alot of reviews from people tyring it after their Thermaltake cable fried on them. Everyone seems happy. Thinking about it I dont really want to support Thermaltake at all anymore so I doubt I will buy another of their cases. Seems like everyone one you have to drill holes for the water res if you dont use their pumps. I dont use Thermaltake pumps because I dont like them and dont think they are reliable. I wont get started on their poor quality, big price, lousy fans. Im going to pop a blood vessell if I think back on my experience with their "premium" fans. If you are using those crappy Thermaltake riser cables replace it immediately with anything else. It will be a step up. Cant go any lower from the bitter bottom.
  2. I bought the Core P5 case and the riser cable was not working. I emailed Tt and they responded via email within three days asking for documentation that I actually purchased the case. Sent it to them. Within 7 days of the first email I now have a new cable. The day prior to it coming in the mail I received a phone call where they told me to expect it the next day. I actually haven't tested the new cable yet as I just got it today and I have been busy but I have to give Tt an A+ for customer support. Im astounded that they got me a new cable this quickly. When they called they just asked that I return the old cable to them after I check the new one. I will do so within the next couple days after I test the new cable. My faith in investing in further Tt products has increased because of the quick response time and support. Thanks. Very happy. Also- I am in Thailand right now but used the US email address listed when I sent the original email.
  3. You download the software from Thermaltake. Should have been in the instructions.
  4. WOW. It turned green?? #### Im staying away from thermaltake coolant.
  5. Late reply. How did it all work out for you? I think your res size depends on what you are cooling and how hard you are oc. I personally think it better to save a little longer and buy the parts separately. But if you want to strictly stay with just thermaltake I would probably go with the set. The rads are aluminum so make sure you get compatible parts with everything in the future if you expand.
  6. The screw threads are G1/4 with both the Thermaltake Soft tube compression fittings as well as the rigid tube compression fitting. Almost everyone that I see uses the G1/4 threading. I think you might be confusing the OD/ID for soft tubing/OD rigid tubing sizes with the fitting thread size. The thread is G1/4. You need to make sure you get the correct OD/ID for your soft tubing or Correct OD for your rigid tubing compression fitting if you go that way. Also if you want to switch to rigid tubing you just have to buy new (different) compression fittings matching the same OD of your rigid tubing and of course rigid tubing.
  7. What do you mean the brackets dont line up? You dont mount the thing to your motherboard. I have a Asus z370e motherboard and when I was using the Ring everything was fine. RGB to RGB, USB to USB, Power to Power and radiator to case. Are you talking about the water block to CPU? They give you two sets. One plate for Intel/AMD. Im missing something with your question.
  8. Re seat and re apply thermal paste. Settings?
  9. You can do a push pull. As above you do need some more screws. As far as the second controller the premium eddition fans you can connect to the controller you have now and control all six fans through the software. That is provided the software works for you. I havent seen the case so cant comment on that. I would do some measuring before hand though. The AIO has the dry thermal paste pre-applied to the block. I removed it and used my own paste. I highly recommend the same.
  10. So are the cases that are being sold now with the riser cable all with the newer working cables? Were all the old cases with the troublesome cables recalled? Would be good to know before someone buys a case and getting one of the bad cables. Not having to worry about sending off emails.
  11. I noticed the same thing. And agree with you. Now if you have three 2.5 inch drives behind the radiator - then the airflow is restricted. If you take your drives out the pushed air will go out the back where the holes are. But yea the filter.. I read on some forums that people who are air cooling the CPU are wondering about how to put the Ring fans on. Thermaltake answer was just to screw them on where the radiator is for looks and if they had components (HDD, etc) it can help keep them cool. And they should buy the AIO. LOL Of note the older RING 12 fans are not compatible with the newer Ring 12 premium fans and controller. So you cant plug the Ring 12 fan controller into the Ring 12 premium fan controller. And at least with my Ring 12 fans when I restart the computer the fans start up just fine but the LED's dont come on or they drop the lighting after a min or two. You have to push the button on the controller box every time. The Ring 12 Premium fans work the way they are supposed too though. So if you invest in more fans for a Push/Pull pay the double price for the Ring 12 premium fans. Unless you dont care about the LED lighting since they will be on the back side of the radiator. The fan speed settings seem to stick no issues.
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