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Hey everyone my name's Drew I have done a few builds on OCAU got on the front page once with my, "Clear Ivory" build

So coming back into modding is gonna be a lot of fun and I hope I can impress a bunch of you guys!

The plan for these desk is to try to make it my own and make something that hasn't been made before. So I have angled the outer edges of the cases where I'll be mounting the radiators and fans with an intrekit designed loop.

One side of the case will have the motherboard, Graphics Card and the power supply. The center will have the RES's plus a creative little design with the water loop. The other side of the case will have a screen inside might make as a touch panel but not sure. This screen will display computer statistics as well as any sponsors* who decide to jump on board.

*If you would like to jump on board with this build. It would definitely be appreciated. You can contact me at my email: ML777D@gmail.com

So I first thought I would create the desk out of aluminium although I felt MDF would be a much better option as it's cheapee easier to work with and have a very nice finish to it already.

Pictures coming soon!


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8wDTJKO.jpgHrJHNsL.jpgRO7BgaD.jpgIll be posting here mostly for this build log. Although my mate Shane is also doing a build which you can follow on Facebook here


15994547_10154950501731410_1103530661329 PCIE extender, which im thinking about purchasing from Thermaltake once they release what they displayed at CES. Picture thanks to GGF





16522034_1548847408478178_1757020902_o.j16491230_1548851118477807_809122654_o.jpThis is up to date 02/07/2017

Hope you all like what i have done so far :)

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