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Ttesports Theron Gaming mouse button not working


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After finally installing a new firmware update for my 3 year old Theron, after the update, all buttons except the profile, Mouse Button 1 and 2 and the scroll wheel stopped working. The DPI up and down, all side buttons stopped working. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, i have tried in different PC's and USB's slots, restarting the PC doesn't work. There is no response, even in the profile manager and now the driver is called HID-Compliant Mouse and not Ttesports Theron.


I'm not sure what to do and I do not want to buy a new mouse as other than that it works fine.


If you would like any additional information, ask in the comments.




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I had the exact same problem as this. My mouse was freezing from time to time, so I decided to update the firmware with the V1.00 Theron Gaming Mouse Program. 

After the update, no mouse buttons were working except M1, M2, scroll wheel.

What I did to fix this was download the software mentioned by Tt David above. Upon opening the program, it said my mouse needed another firmware update, and it updated.

After that, it didn't fix it, but what I did was I went on the V1.00 Theron Gaming Mouse Program, I clicked the reload button at the top, and reset the mouse to default. It will not work at first, but after waiting 20 or so seconds and clicking refresh, the colors on my mouse changed to all red and the buttons started working again.

Hope this is helpful to anyone with this problem. 

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